Friday, September 02, 2005

Katrina and the Republicans

It seems to me that more Republicans than just Bush and Cheney and Rove bear responsibility for this debacle--their amen-section in the House and Senate should share in that. Here is my open letter to the worst of my two senators, John Cornyn:

Sen. John Box Turtle Cornyn
Senate Office Bldg
Washington, DC

Dear Senator Cornyn:

Let me start by quoting our so-called President as he made, yesterday, the most outrageous and imbecile and morally despicable statement of all the many such statements made by slack-jawed politicians since Katrina came ashore.

"I don't think anyone anticipated the breach of the levees" said George W. Bush.

President Bush must then be the single most clueless individual, or the most dishonest one, on the entire face of the planet. This breach of the levees has been predicted for years. And as everyone knows, Republicans have eviscerated the Corps of Engineers levee projects, sending those funds away to Iraq, and moreover Republicans have produced the situation where we cannot rescue or feed or help the survivors because the National Guard is away in Iraq as well.

But I suppose this sort of thing is to be expected of a President who pretends to play a guitar while New Orleans drowns, and of his camp-followers in the Senate.

You people are unbelievable, and as your unwilling constituent I think you are quite genuinely responsible for this catastrophe! Yes, you, your very own personal popinjay well-tailored air-brushed-web-photo self, Senator Box Turtle. You and all the Republican liars and fools and tools and toadies who have enabled the moronic, personality-disordered sub-zero-functional occupant of the White House to bleed away military lives and resources (men and women we now need and who are now unavailable when we need them) on your neocon fool's-errand in Iraq.

Not to mention rendering FEMA completely useless by making it part of a giant, now paralyzed, bureaucracy, whose only success story so far has been one of bullying librarians into silence about government snooping. You can't even get bottled water into the superdome! How could you have expected to actually win a war?!

But wait. You probably didn't expect to win it, right? Sorry. I forgot. The one thing you are supremely competent at is lying. That's the thing that has saved Bush's bacon over and over, and you probably think will save yours. Maybe it will.

But I am an optimist and have some hope that the American people, and maybe one day even the faithful chuckleheaded rightwing Christian Taliban Republican base in Texas, will see through you people at last, owing in part to this horrorshow you have brought to us as one of our great cities disappears before our eyes, courtesy of tax breaks for the rich and the inundation of the levees you wouldn't fund and the no-show of our National Guard which you sent elsewhere, and your total INCOMPETENCE, so vast and jaw-dropping that even the most buffoonish Republican in Williamson County, Texas, has to notice that you lack the capability to successfully air-drop ten dollars worth of bottled water to people dying of thirst on the former freeways of New Orleans.

If you, and the people like you, had any shame or decency you would simply implode and disappear in a cloud of sulfuric smoke, which would be the only way your ignominy might dissipate or might begin to be atoned for, but, as we both know, you are in no danger of such an implosion, given the impossibly stringent conditions needed for you to be in danger of it.

Sincerely, Jim McCulloch

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