Saturday, November 12, 2005

A Chagra update, of interest to my mystery readers

Somewhat to my surprise, the most popular post I have ever written, since I started this blog, was this one about Lee, Jimmy, and Vivian Chagra--mostly about Vivian. The post was nominally about Senator John Cornyn's seeming approval of the killing of judges, but really it was just a few words about the Chagras, from the perspective of my wife and I having been good friends with Vivian.

I have no idea why I keep getting hits on this. I think there may be a persistent interest in Jimmy and Lee--maybe they are becoming part of America's folk legends of larger-than-life outlaws. I read somewhere that Jimmy is out of prison now, and part of the witness protection program. Maybe people are looking for his whereabouts. Who knows?

But I recently found a wonderful photo of Vivian, in which you can see her beauty, which had become somewhat careworn and haggard--it was a year or two before it was discovered she had terminal cancer--and in which you can see her remarkable strength of character. Or at least I can.

So here is the photo. I have updated the original post with a link here so interested readers can see it.

Vivian Chagra, in about 1984 (click on image for larger view)

Note on the comments: The two entries I have on the Chagras have gotten more comments than any others on this blog. Unfortunately Haloscan, the free commenting utility I unwisely chose when I started this blog, is going out of business. Thus the comments will probably disappear at some point in the next few weeks. (New comments will supposedly be possible using the native Blogger comment utility, but the old comments will go away.) Please be assured that I am not eradicating the comments myself. On the contrary I thought the ongoing comments, sometimes approaching a conversation, were fascinating, and I have enjoyed having them here. I am sorry they are going to be taken down.

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