Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Not so green

The Onion Creek Greenbelt is close by my house, and I frequently go walking and birdwatching there. I have mentioned it many times in my blog. The most striking characteristic of the photos I have put up that were taken in the Greenbelt, seems to be the near total absence of green.
Today's photos are no exception.

This is the horse trail where I frequently start my walk. The trees directly ahead conceal an arroyo.

And here is a juniper tree partially fallen into that arroyo. Twisted juniper trunks sometimes make interesting photographic studies.

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For those of you who have may have enjoyed some of the photos on my blog, I'll mention that I have been putting up a lot of more on my Flickr page. Many of them have appeared here also, usually at somewhat lower resolution. In the future I think I'll upload some high resolution scans there from my ongoing scanning project. Flickr enables me to archive fairly good quality photos and organize them by occasion, or by subject, or by whim. It's a bit different from a blog.

I do plan to continue this blog, though as I mentioned previously, because of other projects my posts will be less frequent in the near future.

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