Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Post deleted

So, blogging for a week, and I've already deleted one of my posts, my latest Schiavo outburst, because, on reflection, I had to admit that it was intemperate, excessive, and stupid. That in itself would have not been grounds for removing it, since I have never claimed to be temperate, moderate, or wise, and a personal blog should be nothing if not honest; but it seemed to be of a nature to exacerbate ill-will and the poisonous political atmosphere around us, and thus harmful (even if my readership should be as small as I suspect it is)--and for that reason I took it down.
Perhaps this blog will be a quicktime imitation of the physical universe, beginning with a bang, expanding, until it finally stalls and begins to contract and eventually swallows itself up and disappears as I grow more and more insightful and take it all back. We'll see.

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