Thursday, July 07, 2005

Bush and Blair may have forgotten about al-Qaeda, but al-Qaeda has not forgotten about us

We've invaded two countries now, without successfully engaging the people who actually menace us. We destroyed the Taliban, and Saddam, both of whom may have had it coming, but neither of which is al-Qaeda. We let Osama get away. And in the process we have efficiently created new enemies, and no doubt increased the fanaticism of the old ones. Torture and kidnapping and "collateral damage" to the tune of upwards of 100,000 Iraqi dead, do not make us any friends.

"Who needs friends?" Mr. Bush says. As long as our enemies fear us, things are fine.

But it looks like they don't fear us. And why should they, when we go after the wrong people? And things do not appear to be fine.

Terror attacks have, so far, benefited Bush politically. It's hard to see how this one can, but one should never underestimate the capacities of the White House spin machine.

In fact I take it as a given, that anyone who reproaches Bush for his negligence and incompetence in fighting terror (or "turr", as he puts it) will be accused of hating freedom, or worse.

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