Saturday, July 02, 2005

A slight change of pace

I am (re) reading a book I was impressed by 2 or 3 years ago, when I first read, it, called Changing Lenses. It is about something the author, Howard Zehr, calls restorative justice. It made sense to me at the time I first read it, and in looking into it again, it still does. I am re-reading it because there is something really screwed with our criminal justice system--easy to see here in Texas--and I feel like I need to organize my thoughts a little better as to what exactly I think is screwed about it. Maybe I will try to write a few things about this soon, when I get through reading the book.

Which brings me to another matter: the frequency of posts here. I'm realizing that I have unconsciously set up a kind of deadline pressure for myself, to put something here every day. When I started this blog, I wanted it to be an incentive for me to actually sit down and write coherent things, rather than scribble on pieces of paper I carry in my shirt pocket (I can't live without shirt pockets), and then lose the little pieces of paper, usually sooner than later, most often in the laundry.

And it has been that incentive. It has also been an incentive to go through old notebooks from years past, and work that material into a form at least a few people might enjoy reading. These are good things.

On the other hand, thoughtful posts, and I can probably exclude political fulminations from that category, take me more time than I have been allowing myself. Blogging has eaten into my reading and reflecting time--like reading Zehr and coming up with some hopefully meaningful thoughts on his book. Reading in general. (Not to mention cutting into time for my other current enthusiasm, watching Mexican telenovelas on Telemundo and a couple of other cable channels.)

So, to make a not very long story shorter, I have decided to put up posts less frequently. Probably several times a week. Plus (maybe, I am not sure yet) more nature photos. Some of what I like to do is nature writing, and pictures add to that, I think. I hope.

So, see you folks next week. Have a good holiday weekend.

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