Monday, January 30, 2006

The clicks have it

I have noticed, through examining the log statistics, the heartening fact that my readers grace this blog with their visits more often when I post nature pictures than when I write long and sometimes rude posts about politics, or obscurely meaningful posts about life, all composed of impenetrable and dubiously cobbled-together sentences strung together with subordinate clauses and parenthetical digressions, with occasional semicolons which may or may not help; and with those priorities (expressed by the readership's own mouseclicks) in mind, and having no political burr under my saddle today, much less worthy human insight or entertaining anecdote, here then, for your viewing pleasure, are photos of three birds from my own yard, taken yesterday and today.

Cardinal profile

Whitecrowned sparrow

A Harris's sparrow. This guy had joined up with the flock of whitecrowns.

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