Friday, January 20, 2006

Michael Moore=Osama bin Laden? I don't think so

Sadly, once again I have disgraced my vows as a Buddhist. Chris Matthews likens Michael Moore to Osama bin Laden on national TV, and people say, basically, ho hum. I confess it made me mad. So I felt compelled to send the following intemperate outburst, violating at least two of the Buddhist precepts, to Mr. Matthews, which, of course, I am well aware he will never read. So I might as well put it here.

Matthews, you have really crossed the line, you unctuous creep. You have got a lot of nerve comparing ANYONE in this country--other than the criminal who is running it--to Osama bin Laden.

And speaking of Osama bin Laden, where IS that fellow nowadays? The last I heard he was still at large, courtesy of his greatest beneficiary and ally, George Bush. So, hardball guy, why don't you ask one of Little King George's hired mouthpieces a REAL hardball question, like "where the bloody hell is Osama bin Laden four years and 3 months after the Pipsqueak-in-Chief promised to bring him to justice, dead or alive?" But you won't do that. "Hardball?" You guys? Not a chance--you'd come in last in the softball special Olympics. But, now that I think about it, how would such a competition be any different from contemporary broadcast journalism?

Dead or alive, huh? That's what Mr. Tardive Dyskinesia promised, and that mission does not seem to have been, um, accomplished, does it, you groveling prostitute? You and all the other TV punditlings servicing the Republican regime and urinating on the grave of Edward R. Murrow could--if struck by lightning or a sudden bolt of integrity--start asking Republicans why the hell they didn't actually go after our real enemies instead of sinking us--courtesy of lies, deceit, and hireling journalists--into a bottomless quagmire in Iraq, plus incidentally killing as many Americans as Osama did, not to mention feeding the Bill of Rights into the shredder and disgracing our country with torture and secret prisons around the world which seem to house almost anybody EXCEPT the people who actually attacked us on 9/11. And now Iraq is breeding new terrorists like a swamp breeds kudzu, thanks to George AWOL Bush and his mainstream-media enablers like yourself.

But you push boldy in front of the cameras, as if going where no suit has gone before, clutching a sheaf of Republican talking points (or should I call them marching orders?) and compare Michael Moore to Osama bin Laden! Wow!

You worthless fool. You pole-dancing trollop. You are paid more for a minute of your talking-head prostitution than your average over-the-hill hooker gets for an hour of phone-sex, but I'll tell you what, you pissant bottom-feeder, you have light-years less decency, because the hooker doesn't harm much of anybody, and probably loves her country. I wouldn't say that about you.

Very Sincerely

Jim McCulloch

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