Friday, June 24, 2005

Jury comes to its senses

Every once in a while our system works. Sort of. If it really worked, June Brashares would never have been brought to trial for holding up a sign saying "Bush lied people died" during the Republican Convention. She was grabbed by two "floor whips" and physically and roughly hauled out, and then charged with assault.

The jury acquitted her after a two-day Manhattan trial yesterday.

One of the two men who carried her out claimed he received a cut from her high heeled shoes needing ten stitches to close.

Unfortunately for that claim, not only did all the witnesses agree Ms Brashares was barefoot (she had taken off her shoes to stand on a chair), but there was testimony that someone had gone back to get her shoes for her after she had been removed.

The prosecutor had compared her actions to someone disrupting a church service.

The jury didn't buy it.

Story is here.

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