Monday, June 20, 2005

Some views of Port Aransas

The beach is restorative even when littered with sargassum weed, which can be a visual and olfactory nuisance but provides birds and fish with a lot of food.

Port Aransas is a cheap and run-down Texas barrier beach resort, which thankfully can never be anything but that, thanks to longshore currents which keep the surf too low and the water too murky for high-dollar recreational facilities, and additionally guarantees the occasional unsightly episodes of sargassum piling up at the water's edge. Nature thus protects us from gentrification and expensive developmental blight. Cheap developmental blight will be naturally removed, over time, by storm and tide.


View of the beach house (rented, of course. Do you think we are rich?)
beach house

View from the beach house
view from beach house

Entrepid birdwatcher, ready for birds to appear
Jim waiting for birds

View of the beach itself, at sunset
beach at sunset

Inside beach house, clowning around with my daughter
beach house

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