Friday, August 26, 2005

A sampling of the scanning project I've mentioned

I have been scanning photographic negatives and slides of mine which have been sitting in boxes or projector carousels for years, stored in bad conditions, and deteriorating. So I have set about making good quality prints of ones that I like. So far I have scanned several hundred.
They will mostly be of interest to family and friends, but some of my other readers may also be want to take a look. Or not. I can't really upload even a good sample of them to my blog--there are too many and even these jpegs take up too much space. But I have opened a flickr account, and I have posted some jpegs there, much reduced in size, which is fine for viewing them on a computer screen anyway.

Here are a couple. Three, actually. The rest (the 20 or so that I have uploaded) are at this page. I have not yet decided whether I will upload a large number to flickr or not.
Update, Sunday Aug.28:
I have added about a dozen more photos at the flickr link above. That will probably be it for a while.

The photo below is of the house where we lived in Yaguarón, Paraguay, in 1968.
Yaguaron porch

And this photo is also from Yaguarón. Kay is holding a neighbor child.
Kay in Yaguarón

This photo is from 1976 in El Paso. Kay and I are standing romantically at the grave of John Wesley Hardin in the El Paso cemetery. I think I have a much inferior copy posted at a memorial page for Kay I maintain on my website. I found the original slide to make this one.
Kay and Jim in El Paso

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