Thursday, October 27, 2005

Flowers, doves, and dogs

As part of my 2-day (and counting) personal boycott of political posting, I'll share my Onion Creek walk with you. The weather is cooler and Bella gets to go along--she easily gets overheated in the summer, so she has to stay home when I take long walks then. So she loves fall.

Bella on the trail of...well, whatever it was, it's long gone. But she is still interested.

Dove in the flowers. This is a mourning dove who was foraging on the horse trail through the snakeweed, now regarding me with concern and about to take flight.

More flowers. I think this is a Thelesperma species. Usually we get some rain in September and October (though not so much this year) and we have a final florescence of a few autumn plants in October.

Crow silhouette. He's watching me leave the park from his perch on a sycamore which has already shed its leaves.

Plus, an Inca dove on the sundial at home a few minutes ago

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