Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Yet another open letter to Senator Cornyn

I send little notes like this to Senator Cornyn every once in a while, but out of a realistic desire to increase their readership above zero, I also put them on my blog. I have never gotten a reply from the Senator or his staff.

----------the open letter----------

Dear Senator Box Turtle:

The $70 billion Republican tax break for the very rich--specifically, giving $42,000 in tax bling to millionaires like the overstuffed Halliburton stockholders who will probably only lift their snouts out of the swill at the public trough long enough to briefly belch their approval and maybe send you a bribe, excuse me, a campaign contribution--is possibly a new low for this administration, which already has reached depths never before imagined in American history, at least if we exclude the recent visionary dreams of Enron executives and, earlier, the reach of bigtime organized crime in its heyday.

Then, adding insult to injury, you and your fellow big spenders (no, I don't mean that sarcastically--a brief glance at the obscene national debt that Republican wastrels have left for our children to pay off will show you that I mean it literally) condescendingly toss some spare change to average working people.

And not very much spare change, either. Twenty (20!) paltry US dollars is the median Republican tax relief to people in the middle quintile of wage earners. But it's FORTY TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS in tax breaks for millionaires! That's just disgusting.

Can you believe it? In-freaking-credible!

Meanwhile the Republican budget proposal strips BILLIONS from housing, health care, food stamps, and child care. Well, we sure see what Republican priorities are.

I think we'd find more charity and kindness in a jar full of scorpions.

And in closing, Senator, if I may briefly address one of your obsessions, I don't care if reptiles can marry. As I understand it, most beltway Republicans have spouses anyway. That's fine. But every day I become more certain you and your kind are not ready for the responsiblities of citizenship. Have you considered leaving the Senate and retiring to Russia or China, where the cherished Republican social-darwinist millennial vision of a perfected heartless and soulless gangster capitalism has has been more fully and energetically bought into than here? I'm sure they would pay you very handsome consultation fees. Wealth would be yours that you can only dream of in an America where some laws must still be observed even by the ruling party.

You'd be happy there--and America would share in your happiness.

Your faithful constituent,

Jim McCulloch

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