Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Searight Park in July

Rain interrupted my Independence Day walk in Searight Park in far south Austin, but here are several photos of the park and its wildlife from the day before. The 350 acre park is popular for its 18-hole frisbee golf course (technically "disc golf" because of dog-in-the-manger trademark restrictions on the use of the term frisbee), to which a surprising number of people are seriously devoted. The players, mostly young men, come equipped with small brightly colored frisbees and determined expressions. Their objective is to land their frisbees in a metal basket on a pole. Except for the frisbee golf course the interior of the park is largely unvisited at this time of the year, because of the heat and humidity. The trail photos below may give you some hint of this.

Searight Park squirrel, Sciurus niger

Park trail

Another park trail

Windblown green heron

(Click photos for larger view)

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