Friday, July 28, 2006

The silence of the sheep

I don't know how long it will stay up on youtube, but this is amazing. If it gets taken down I will put up the transcript instead, but you have to watch it to get the full effect--it's completely dumfounding.

Tony Blair, who for all his deficiencies of morality and judgment is capable of holding his own during question time in the House of Commons, must suffer the pangs of hell during these appearances, when he must stand by with a polite smile paralyzing his face as Bush descends further with every syllable into banality, bathos, non-sequitur, Orwellian doubletalk, and finally an incoherence so painful it's like watching a man hit himself in the head with a hammer.

The awful silence of the audience must surely indicate the unease of the press corps being forced, once again, into looking squarely at that which they cannot write about, the brute and inescapable horror of the most powerful man in the world being a raving, incoherent madman, a demented clown who has forgotten he is garbed in motley and whiteface and has a red rubber nose, a greasepaint theologian who is engaged with desperate intensity in explaining the ultimate but simple key to the mind of the infidel: y'know, they hate freedom. Then, a trimphant honk of the red rubber nose, as his eyes search the crowd with a hopeful and expectant "y'know?". Silence.

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